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Enjoy spirit of Edomae.

About Sushi ChiharuOur sushi restaurant 'Chiharu'

From the chef

We are specialized in Edomae-sushi, and we serve up exquisite cuisine to share edomae-sushi with traditional technique. We would like to present a spirit of Japanese culture, "simplicity" and "quietness" though serving Japanese food.
We welcome you and have an intimate dining experience.
Enjoy the Edomae-sushi at restaurant Chiharu.

From the chef
About Edomae-sushi

traditional technique from 150 years agoAbout Edomae-sushi

History and the birth of Edomae-sushi

Edo period,its about 150 years ago when there were no refrigeration technology at the time, Edommae-sushi was initially created.
Mainly all freshness ingredient are boiled,immersed in soy sauce, and cured with vinegar. All methods enhance best taste and flavor much better than fresh ingredient with out all the process.
We prepare most prestigious Edomae-sushi using freshest fish with traditional technique of Edomae-sushi.

Evaluation from foreignersSpecial Movie

To notice Edomae sushi, our store invites a foreigner.

The foreigner who does not have habit that eats raw fish admired and said [It is delicious because of using fresh fish].
[This store makes sushi small, so customer can eat various fish. Also, there are various types and I like the concept of sushi]
There are people who are interested in Japan’s sushi culture.

Store information

* About reservation

The store consists of seats around the counter.
This sushi store has limited seats, so I recommend that you reserve the date which yon want in advance. Furthermore, please choose a place that you want between 1st and 2nd floor when you reserve the date (The content and price are different according to a course).

# Please let me know the way that you know Sushi Chiharu.
# We do not accept reservations for children who can not have a course meal.
consultation is available, please contact us by phone for details.

11:00~/ 12:30~ two times a day.
*Only the ground floor conducts business.

*1st floor: 17:00~/ 19:00~/ 21:00~ three times a day.
*2nd floor: 17:30~/ 20:00~ two times a day.
* Business hours on the second floor will change from January.
17: 00- / 19: 30-

* About catering

Sushi Chiharu provides the best quality of sushi and beverage through catering.
*It is different with delivery.
It supports reception, party and event.
About service fee, the content of foods and beverages is different according to time.
Firstly, please consider it with a light heart.


* Store information and location

5-12-14, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
zip code 553-0003
Walk 3 minutes by JR Fukushima station
Business hours
11:00~/ 12:30~
*Only the ground floor conducts business.
*1st floor : 17:00~ / 19:00~21:00
*2nd floor : 17:30~ / 20:00~
* Business hours on the second floor will change from January.
17: 00- / 19: 30-
Regular holiday
Irregularly, once a month (Association for research on food)
[1st floor] 7 seats [2nd floor] 6 seats